Can't create wallet on android

I can’t create wallet. After click “create wallet” ring rolling and newer end.
Brave 1.0.91 Gromium 73.0.3683.90

I have custom ROM LineageOS 14.1

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Hello, I’m currently having the same problem…I feel your pain. I’m running GrapheneOS. I think we have some sad news here.

Check that out.
I’ll probably try logging in to Yalp using my Gmail account and see if downloading Brave afterwards makes a difference. :confused:
Otherwise, there was a post explaining that you can download Brave from Github. I’ll try and see if that works or not also

I have the same problem with lineage 16.0. Did you solve it?

Hey! I totally forgot about this post. Sorry, try this

There have been a few updates since this post. What I more/less tried was to uninstall Brave then found the previous Verified version of the app on github, installed it and upgraded to the latest Verified version of the app.
I hope this still works