Can't create wallet on android

I can’t create wallet. After click “create wallet” ring rolling and newer end.
Brave 1.0.91 Gromium 73.0.3683.90

I have custom ROM LineageOS 14.1

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Hello, I’m currently having the same problem…I feel your pain. I’m running GrapheneOS. I think we have some sad news here.

Check that out.
I’ll probably try logging in to Yalp using my Gmail account and see if downloading Brave afterwards makes a difference. :confused:
Otherwise, there was a post explaining that you can download Brave from Github. I’ll try and see if that works or not also

I have the same problem with lineage 16.0. Did you solve it?

Hey! I totally forgot about this post. Sorry, try this

There have been a few updates since this post. What I more/less tried was to uninstall Brave then found the previous Verified version of the app on github, installed it and upgraded to the latest Verified version of the app.
I hope this still works

Thank you for your reply. I tried to follow your suggestion by installing the apk from github. Unfortunately, both the old version and the latest version do not support brave rewards.
I installed magisk without success. Brave says that the rewards are not supported by my device. I’m running lineage OS 16 without any gapps nor microG and with root.
Maybe I need gapps. I have another smartphone with similar setting lineage OS 16, root and with gapps and brave rewards works.
Did you say that with lineage OS without any gapps nor microG and without root it worked?
Any idea?

Edit: rewards flags is available in chrome://flags only with old version of brave…

After several trials, I can confirm that now brave requires gapps or microG project in order to provide rewards. I hopefully tha brave will remove this limitation in the future.

Well, that explains my situation. No rewards.

And I can’t claim it

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