Stuck on "Creating Wallet" on LineageOS with no GApps

Description of the issue:
When pressing the “Join Rewards” button, it says “Creating Wallet”, but never completes.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Press the Rewards icon in the address bar
  2. Press the “Join Rewards” button in the popup
  3. Wait

The same thing happens when pressing the “Yes, I’m in!” or “Yes I’m ready” buttons from the chrome://rewards page

Actual Result:
It remains stuck on “Creating Wallet” (with a loading icon).

Expected result:
It should actually create a wallet, and the text should change to something else, or redirect to some other page.

Reproduces how often:

Brave Version:
1.0.92, Chromium 73.0.3683.90

Mobile Device details:
Nexus 5X

Android/iOS Version:
LineageOS 15.1-20190414-NIGHTLY-bullhead
Based on Android 8.1.0
Nexus 5X Build/OPM7.181205.001
Important: No Google apps installed (no Google Play Services / Google Mobile Services), not using microG either.
The phone is not rooted.

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Did the device come with LineageOS? Try removing the app from memory and relaunching and check if it works.

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No, the phone came with Android 6 (stock) and received upgrades to Android 7 and 8.
I installed LineageOS myself earlier this year.

By “removing the app from memory”, do you mean closing the window using the “overview” button (the button at the bottom right) ? If so, I always do that.
Or do you mean using the “Force stop” button from the “App info” screen ? The system warns “If you force stop an app, it may misbehave.”

I had the same problem, running GrapheneOS. Try this.
First, uninstall Brave

Click Assets and download the apk that you need.
Then, in the address bar type chrome://flags
Type Rewards in the search bar.
Click on the box and hit Enabled
Then click Relaunch now.
The BAT logo (rewards) will show in the search bar now. Click it and Create Wallet.
Not done yet. Now, update to the latest version.

Click Assets and download the version that you need.
Not sure why this works, I’ve been at it for hours. While you’re at it, disable Google services notifications. Open settings, go to Notifications, Scroll down and uncheck Google Play services availability. BOOM!

Thanks for taking the time to experiment.

Do you lose any data (bookmarks, cookies, …) when switching from the “normal” APK (installed from Yalp Store, in my case) to the APK from Github?

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Absolutely! I was in the same boat! So, the Yalp Brave app was the latest version and I could not revert to a previous version from Github with the latest already installed. I had to uninstall before using the Github apk. I’m not familiar with a way to backup/import bookmarks and such, there may be a way to do so, I’m not sure though

I’ve not tried yet, actually. I was just suspecting it might happen.

In any case, knowing that there’s a version that works is useful information.
Users who really want to use the feature can do it.
And I hope it can also help the devs figure out how to make it work (again) in a future version.

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Remove it from apps overview and relaunch. Not force stop

@user4 @m_rod just to let you guys know, Brave is not yet officially supported on Yalp store. Always download via Google Play Store or Amazon download or via GitHub.

If you uninstall then what ever changes you made/bookmarks/sync everything is lost. There is no way to get them back. The only way to retain is to update to the next version. Am not entirely sure how safteynet check works with download from Yalp/Fdroid store. For rewards to work your device needs to pass the safety net check.

Yay for github! @sriram

I don’t suppose the Github version updates itself, or even displays notifications whenever there’s a new version available?

My phone doesn’t pass the SafetyNet test anyway.

Yes that is correct. GitHub version doesn’t auto update. If you do have GPS running then it will auto update. If you are on LineageOS then you can probably install it via Amazon App store that should auto update when a new version is available. But if you do install via GitHub you have to do it manually every time going forward.

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