Cannot Sign In to Google

I cannot sign in on Google account on Brave. I click the button and it just refreshes the page and that’s it!

Also, when I am going to it says: "Error 400 (Bad Request)

I would appreciate some help, please! Thank you!

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@cspace ,

Several reports:

The quick fix, has generally been, to disable Shields for the first Sign In web page – and subsequent webpages of the Sign In process.

More detailed fix:

Thank you very much!

I had the same issue, and found this solution here

  1. Go to settings on brave browser
  2. Select private and security
  3. Click allow all cookies
  4. In the ‘sites that can always use cookies’ add the following url ‘https://[*.]

It worked fine for me

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Try updating to the latest Brave release build 1.38., see if this helps @cspace

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