Cannot set new new page tab

Is it possible to make (say) Google my home page for when I select NEW TAB?
I can make the page blank or I can make it select the dashboard but am having difficulty with that

It’s possible if you set Google as your homepage.

  1. Open brave://settings/appearance via the address bar.
  2. Enable Show home button.
  3. Choose the second option → Enter custom web address
  4. Open brave://settings/newTab via the address bar.
  5. New tab page showsHomepage.

Thank you for your quick reply

I still see this when I click the “+” to add a new tab

I would like to see this






I want to display the Google search page when I click the “+” button to add a new tab….I can do that on Chrome for example……

Yes, I understood you. That’s exactly what you would achieve if you follow my instructions.

OK, found this which opens Google page

But the cursor remains in the address bar rather than in the Google search box

That’s not something that can be changed via settings. Feel free to open a Github report so developers can take a look.

OK, how do I do that ?

Open a new issue over here →



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