Cannot see my desktop bookmarks in brave on android (sync enabed)

Although sync is enabled on both devices, there is no cross platform bookmark syncing. I would like to see my bookmarks from my desktop brave browser in my android brave browser.
Is this a known bug?
Is there any workaround or should I go with an extension? Any suggestions?

Expected result:
See a folder in the android brave browser named desktop bookmarks…

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Desktop version: 1.18.78
Android version: 1.18.78

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works for me.
you can try creating a new sync chain (first desktop then android)

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Tried it Left the sync chain. Created a new one on the desktop. Then I added the same chain to the brave on my android device, but I still don’t see any desktop bookmarks on my android brave.

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can you post a screenshot of bookmarks page?
also try going to brave:sync-internals and look for errors.


maybe it’s this bug:

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