Cannot download Brave on my phone

The title says it all, i can’t download Brave on my phone. I search for “Brave” on Google Play and i find it. It’s all good, but when i click on INSTALL, it says “Downloading…” and then it crashes. Nothing happens. I have enough space for the app to install and my phone is pretty good.


  1. Go on Google Play
  2. Search for “Brave”
  3. Click INSTALL

And, I’ll say it again, Google Play crashes

About phone:
Huawei P9 Lite
Android 8.0
~70 GB free space

And that’s about it. I really don’t know what to do. I’ve tried to download it from your official website but it redirected me to Google Play, and you know what happened next.

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I think it is a Google Play store problem

I don’t know, maybe I’ll try tomorrow and inform you about it.

You could download the .apk file on your computer and transfer it to your phone by USB cable and try to install it then having the file on your phone.
This should work for you.

Thanks for letting us know about this.
First, I’d try clearing the Google Play store app cache in your phones OS settings and trying to download again. If this doesn’t resolve the issue – please let me know. Are you able to install other apps via Play store?

Let me know what you find out of the above. If you can’t get it working through the play store, @enum’s suggestion is sound; try downloading and installing the .apk file directly – you can get the file from our Github repo.

Thank you all for your support
I woke up and the app just appeared on my phone. I’ve used Google Play before. I’d like to state again that there wasn’t a download bar when I clicked INSTALL. Thank you again, and have a good day.

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