Brave on Android (no google)

I’m trying to install Brave. I’m on GrapheneOS (NO GOOGLE).
The only download the website provides is for Google Play.
Github doesn’t have a download.

How do I get Brave on my phone? It’s not on F-Droid (still, i guess).


You can download Brave from the Aurora store

brave rewards still won’t work. You’ll have to try microG and see if that can help with brave rewards.

I have the same problem. I tried to download and install Brave Browser for android. All I could do was to reach Brave site, click on download (brave for android) an be on Google Play. There I am asked to connect to google. I choose cancel. Why brave browser for android cant be download from ?

I managed to get brave browser on my mobile from APKPure site in a rather complicate manner. With the existing browser I found brave browser download on APKpure, but was an APK file. To install such a file I had to install APK pure app, give it access to storage and finally get brave installed on my mobile. I dropped APK pure app after installing brave browser ( I had no longer need of it - no use to keep some storage filled). I keep asking : Why is not a simple download from ?

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