Cannot access BAT shown in Brave

I purchased 282 BAT tokens more than one year ago. I can see them in my Brave, but not in my verified Uphold account.

Help me please ho to proceed to get access to my tokens.

I already contacted Uphold help but they don’t see tokens in history.

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I think that’s because you deposited your uphold BAT in your browser.

In such a case there would be a record in Uphold’s history.

OK, didnt think about that. Are you able to transfer the BAT back to uphold??

That’s the point. I’m not able to transfer the BAT to Uphold.

Did you have your Uphold account connected?

yes. it is verified.

Did you not see your balance in your Uphold’s Brave Browser card?

No, I don’t see it in Uphold. The balance can be seen only in Brave.

Just want to confirm. Did you see it on your brave:rewards wallet or brave:wallet wallet?

I can see it in brave:rewards
See attached printscreen

Got it. Thanks for the confirmation. See Payments not being deposited to your Uphold account which I believe is explaining your issue.

Thanks for your advice, but I’m afraid this is not my case.

I bought BAT more than a year ago. I don’t remember whether it was sent to Uphold or not, but due to losing 2FA code, I was not able to access my Uphold account for a long time. After recovering the account I couldn’t find my BAT tokens. I can see them only in Brave balance.

Is there anybody who could help me? None of the previous advises worked. The result is that I can see my balance in Brave but can’t access BAT via Uphold or any other platform. image|369x283

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