Where the hell are my BAT?

I can see my brave rewards on my old computer but cannot find them on my new computer or in my uphold wallet, I am Pissed. Please someone help so I can retrieve my BAT and finally be done with this horrible project I have almost 250 BAT and have not been able to access them in months.

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Did you verify your browser wallet on your old PC with Uphold? If not, then that is why you are not seeing the balance reflected in your Uphold account. Do you still have access to your old PC/browser installation?

yes i still have access

That’s good. Now can you tell me

If you did verify and you still don’t see your BAT there, then you’re likely falling into a known issue where some users browser wallets are not porting the funds to Uphold as intended. If that’s the case, it is not just you encountering it but several users and it is an issue that the team is working on resolving presently.

there is no check mark by the BAT token icon

That is for a verified website. Please see the following documentation on what a verified wallet is and how to verify yours in Brave:

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