Can’t sync passwords to my ipad (only history and bookmarks are synced)

There is no password option while asking “What to sync?” on ipad. Thus I have to go through ALL OF MY PASSWORDS and write them each time I got into a website (which is a hassle :frowning_face: ).
Could you please add password sync option to the iPad version of brave as well ? And also I can’t seem to save passwords (with or without sync), I can only save logins (which is sometimes not enough as some websites require new sessions after a few time.). Could you make password saving experience a bit better on iPad please :confused:

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.33 (

Mobile Device details
İPad air 4th gen
15.1 (19B74)


It’s being worked on right now, no idea of a time scale when it will be ready though


May interest:

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