Can’t make beta default browser -> users are DISINCENTIVIZED from using the beta :(

Can this be fixed? Split between wanting to use beta (for testing and because has bookmarks) and needing to do some browsing with release version (only it allowed to be default browser).


Just to clarify: users are disincentivized from using the beta since it can’t be made the default! Since the non-beta is the default, it’s the browser that gets launched when a link is opened anywhere in the iPhone…

…so if we want to use the BETA for testing, our browser tabs (and customizations, etc) get split across 2 different browsers (beta and non-beta), and we have to think about which browser has the desired tab.

So if we can make the BETA the default, a big obstacle to using it would be removed!

+1 for this feature request. Sometimes I can’t remember which version of the browser I opened a page in.