Beware of people asking for your WALLET ID

Due to the overflow of concern about the missing or incorrect reward, I have posted like many others about when the issue will be fix and seen there was a bug. Also in all of this I have seen certain people in here asking for WALLET IDs to be DM to them. I am not 100% sure if they are legit but just be careful.

As long as they are brave staff members such as @Mattches , @steeven or @fanboynz they can be trusted as they do work for brave. Members that do not have the tiny brave logo on their profile pic are not staff members and should not be given wallet info.


Ditto to what @HighPriestess42 said. The only thing I would add is the orange lion logo that symbolizes a Brave employee, extends out past the regular round profile pic as seen on the employees previously mentioned.

@HighPriestess42 I suggest to make posts related to wallets, to incorrect or missing rewards to be automatically sent to Brave employees @Mattches, @steeven or @fanboynz; this way they will be hidden from the public and important account-related info is kept safe.

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