Can not download a video from clickable MP4 link in a website (private room or not ?)

I do have private teaching room on a website where I can click a download link. It works perfectly in my desktop MacBook Pro with Brave but in my IOS Iphone XR 14.3 it will not work. I wished it could save a copy in the “download” of the Brave’s menu.

Any help ?



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Apologies but we’ll need more information before we can assist you here. Is the file itself that you’re trying to download a video file? Is there any way for you to share the URL of the site you’re using? What actually happens when you click the link? Nothing? Or does it throw an error (if so, what does the error say)?

-As I said: private teaching so can’t give you direct link; will try with similar public link soon…
-It is a mp4 file clickable download link.
-It did download a 229 octet file in the Brave tab (title of the video) out of a 240mb original video file, but NO video…

Not sure if it is replicates the very same problem but I did try a plublic link for downloadind a ringtone (, again, I can save it in the download folder with Brave on my MacBook but will not find it on my “Downloads” tab on my iPhone Brave browser. Much Thanks for advices.

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