Can i Withdraw Bat to Any other wallet except Uphold and Gemini?

Hi, Can I withdraw Brave Rewards (BAT) to any other wallet (Not Uphold and Gemini)?

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You can only withdraw from Uphold and Gemini, after getting rewards on both of them.
Withdrawal is free on Gemini (only one per day), but not on Uphold so you have to pay txn. fees on uphold.

Can i withdraw to any other wallets?

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I can’t figure out how to start a new thread . How do create a new topic so I can write my issue

I cannot verify the uphold wallet to claim my earned BAT . I have more than the minimum ammount of BAT to verify an uphold wallet but when I click on the triangle in the upper right hand corner of brave browser I just get a blank ,white screen . Can I transfer my rewards to another phone ? I the verify uphold wallet functions on my other phone . Thanks ,Matthew

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as gemini wallet withdraw is free u can tranfer ur bats to any other wallet by using private key

Yeah, you can withdraw your BATs from Gemini to any other wallet or your personal wallet and also Gemini does not charge any withdrawal fees, but only for 10 times in one month, otherwise Gemini will charge withdrawal fees.
You can read the full info here at

I do not like Gemini or Uphold, why can’t you work into other type of wallets. Why can’t we transfer directly to BINANCE or Metamask. The requirements to verified Uphold or gemini are crazy annoying.

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