Can I change tabs on multiple screens?

I currently work with 4 monitors and Brave open on all of them, I have the same tabs on the 4 monitors and would like to change between the tabs of one monitor to change the others at the same time, would it be possible? the tabs are opened in the same order on the 4 monitors.

Hello @fabianolima

not sure if i got you or not but if you set your 4 monitor to be mirror/identical to each other then that would do it

In the case the monitors have the same tabs open, however there is a difference in the configuration of the website information on each monitor. In the case of a TradingView chart, on monitor 1 I am seeing it at one time and on monitor 2 at another time, I have several tabs on each monitor, each with a different asset, and I would like to change an asset on monitor 1 as well on monitor 2 … they are open in the same order, I used the extension you recommended in the other topic

just to make sure i got you

you want to open certain site in multi monitor but with the following rules

  1. each monitor display that say site but with different setting/configuration
  2. you want to change the asset on one monitor and that asset change on the other monitor but while keeping each configuration/setting away from each other

am i right?

if yes then i do not think there extension for that

so the only thing i can think of that you open window with any tabs you like in monitor 1 and another window with same or other tabs on monitor 2 and configure each one as you like

but if you changed the asset in one would not change it on the other one

but try to search for extension for that who know maybe you find one

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Exactly that, I did some research but I didn’t find it, that’s why I posted here on the forum, someone will have already needed and found something like this, but I think it really is something very atypical for someone to have done before lol
Still, thanks for the help, the extension of the other topic solved much of my issue here

you very welcome :slight_smile:

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