CA cert error on linux

Hello there.
Im facing an issue with Brave - at home im doing DEEPSSL Inspection, and mostly it was enough to just import CA cert from NGF and DONE all browsers have been working fine - EXCEPT Brave. Brave doesnt respect any CA which is tossed into CA container in linux(PARROTos). Even Importing doesnt work - error"no private key or invalid" - other browser doesnt have such issues and respects cert. Do you have any clue on that ?

I’m using mitmproxy on Ubuntu 18.04 and I was able to import its CA certificate properly by:

  1. opening brave://settings/certificates
  2. going into the Authorities tab
  3. clicking the Import button
  4. selecting Trust this certificates for identifying websites
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Thats a joke… i dont know how i didnt see an “authorities” tab… xD so thank you for your suggestion you were right. I was searching such tab but some how i missed it. All good thx again ^^

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