(BUG)Search history not showing below search bar in Google Images

Description of the issue:
After searching something on Google Images, search history doesn’t show below the search bar

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Launch Brave app
  2. Go to https://www.google.com/imghp
  3. Type anything into search bar
  4. Hit “Enter” or “Search”
  5. Go back to Google Images homepage
  6. Tap on search bar

Expected result:
Screenshot taken from Chrome

Actual result:

Brave Version:
Brave 1.60.116, Chromium 119.0.6045.134

Mobile Device details
Android 12, Samsung One UI 4.1

Additional Information:
Also found another big where tapping on “Dark theme” will lead to “Search settings” page instead of switching to dark theme. Only happens when Brave is first launched and before refreshing the page

Anyone else having this issue?

@Saoiray @Mattches sorry for tagging you but wonder if you or anyone else can have a look at this issue?

Apologies for the wait time here.
Unfortunately I’m not seeing either issue on my end. However, for the first one, it may be the fact that you’re not logged into your Google account. If I test this in a fresh install or while logged out, I do not see the search history retained either.

The dark theme button is super weird, especially since to get to Search settings from that page/bottom menu, you have to tap Settings (next to Dark theme) then tap an additional time on Search settings. Do you see this one in Chrome as well?

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@Mattches I’ve tried to replicate the problem in a few other Chromium based browsers and in all of them search history does show up below the search bar





Couldn’t replicate the dark theme bug in any of the above browsers either

And for good measure I even tried to replicate the problem in Brave using another device (broken touchscreen, had to use mouse input :sweat_smile:) but search history still doesn’t show below the search bar

So it doesn’t appear to be device specific either, although I can’t confirm if it’s OS specific as I don’t have an iOS device to test the issue. But for now only Brave on Android seems to have this issue on my side.

Thank you for the information.

Looks like we can reproduce this but it is unclear as to exactly why this is happening. I’ve opened an issue for this for the Android team to review:

@Mattches Just tried this in Brave Beta v1.62.114, I wonder if this bug has anything to do with the dark theme?

As shown in the video clip, search history is retained in light theme, but when trying to switch to dark theme it leads to search settings page instead. Also refreshing the page switches to dark theme but search history isn’t retained.

Thank you for the update and apologies for the late reply — just getting back from holiday PTO. I’ve updated the Github issue with this information and hope to have some more eyes on it soon.

Thank you

@Mattches no worries, however I spotted something else that could perhaps also be causing this bug.

In the other Chromium based browsers I’ve tested (Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi), I noticed that they all have ‘search customization’ enabled, but on Brave it’s somehow disabled.





I tried enabling all cookies but ‘search customization’ still remain disabled (other browser settings remain default)

Anyway thanks for all the help up to this point, will be keeping tabs on the solution to this issue

Is the issue resolved if you turn Search Customization “on”?

@Mattches as shown in the clip above ‘search customization’ has been disabled with no way to enable it, no matter how many times I try tapping on the option and despite allowing all cookies. The other browsers all have ‘search customization’ enabled by default.

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