Better support of Bitcoin

I would love to use the Brave wallet on my Mac laptop, but there the support of BTC is quite non existent. I have my browser connected to Gemini, but there seems no way to transfer BTC from there to the Brave Wallet. And I don’t want my crypto in this environment (FTX etc.) in a third hand.

Maybe a better support of BTC would improve the acceptance of the Brave Wallet.


In future, they might add btc chain on brave wallet.

Thanks for the feedback @chh_68 … it’s on our roadmap :slight_smile:

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@hub Just out of curiosity, about how far down the road would you say it is on that map? lol

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2023 is all I can I say right now with a high degree of confidence.

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If BTC chain is added, will BCH simultaneously work on brave wallet along with BTC?

If new code needs to be written for BCH, then will brave do it after BTC is done?

Until we are closer to releasing this feature, I wouldn’t have this information. Sorry.

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I transferred BNB & BTC to my Brave Wallet from Binance. The BNB showed up but the BTC didn’t. I used the same address. Is there any way to recover the BTC? Thanks!!!

We don’t support BTC on the wallet @JohnnyD3

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