Browser Lock w/ FaceID hangs Brave, app unusable til reinstall

Can’t use Brave after turning on Browser Lock with Face ID. When switching back to app or relaunching it freezes after you try Face ID.

Workaround is to Force Quit Brave, delete Brave app, download it from the App Store.

Description of the issue:

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Install Brave 7 launch it
  2. Turn on Browser Lock with Face ID
  3. Visit 1-2 sites
  4. Quit Brave
  5. Turn machine off or Force Quit Brave
  6. Launch Brave app.
  7. App opens, line up for Face ID. Nothing happens, just a keyhole icon.
  8. Force Quit Brave app & relaunch. Try Face ID again. Nothing happens. Lock iPad or iPhone, unlock device with Face ID, ok. Try using Brave, Face ID seems to recognize face, but Brave stays on blank screen with keyhole icon.

Connect to a debugging proxy. Notice that after launch Brave attempts to connect to and then, but still freezes on blanks screen with keyhole.

Expected result:
Expected Face ID to unlock browser and be able to browse the web.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.57 (

Mobile Device details

iPad Pro 13” M1, iPhone 13 Pro

Additional Information:
Able to consistently replicate on iPad and iPhone with version of browser in Apple App Store as of Thursday September 7, 2023

Attached image is screenshot of frozen Brave app. This appears immediately after Face ID seems to complete unlock by showing & completing normal animation. However, Brave is just locked up and shows this for minutes afterward.

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I have the same issue

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