Browser crashing 2024

*I did a search, all threads I saw on this are old and locked. Don’t tell me not to post, instead post the actual thread on this if there is one.

Browser just crashed. Had only 3 tabs open. Only 1 was playing video. This has never happened before. Anyone else having this issue? Brave just closed itself down. Upon reopening I chose to restore the session, and that also didn’t work.

Had only 3 tabs ? You can Recover the tabs from History

And to Know what caused the crash, What did you do before the crash happened ? Which OS ?

Linux Una.

Twitter, Youtube, news site

Tested on other browsers and other browsers working fine ?

No other browers. Just crashed again with only 2 twitter pages up. 1 with video

This is happening to me regularly, 2 different pcs, one a laptop and one a desktop. Has never happened before the last update.

Following to see what the solution is… wondering if its linked to my issue

For anyone here other than @Sidney90210 experiencing a crash, please open your own thread and ensure that you fill out the template in the editor when you do so that we have the most up to date information surrounding your issue. Additionally, please go to brave://crashes and provide the crash report IDs so they can be pass onto our devs.

What @scavxo is asking is whether or not the issue occurs in other browsers or if it’s just Brave?


  • Are they the exact same sites crashing every time or does it happen when sites other than the ones you’ve listed are open?
  • What Brave version are you using?
  • Can you please provide the crash report IDs on your brave://crashes page?