Brawe Creators does not pay BAT to Uphold

I wish they were on Uphold. It is like this from 2020-08-19

Creator payment only starts processing after 8th of every month

I know!
But It is not deposited into my Uphold account at all. This is the problem. It has not been deposited for all months (August 2020!).

This is a big problem, i think the mods should look into this

Have yhu ever received payment from the creator program

Yes , I have recieved payment from brave creators.

I had some problem too with my deposit before last month, and i created a thread here. They asked my email and o got the payment next month.

I hope i get paid cos mine is showing this error and its successfully linked to my UPhold account

Is your uphold account verified?

Yes its verified.
i dunno if i disconnect and reconnect if id still get paid this month

If you disconnect and reconnect then you won’t get payment this month.

wow, i guess the best thing to do is wait and see what happens…

That’s the only option I guess.

Please DM the email linked to your Creator’s account if you haven’t received the payment by the 10th.

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