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Hello everyone,

I’ve asked just about every search engine on the planet these series of questions. And surprisingly I’ve gotten nothing from the big tech giant like Google or Bing. And DuckDuckGo sort of gets lost in the ether of Reddit.

So! I’m here to give Brave a shot here!

In my many years of running a blog I’ve had minimal results of getting all of my videos indexed beyond Google. Google does a great job at capturing all videos from most recent to my oldest. But it seems when i push beyond google into other video indexing engines it really falls apart quick.

Even did an article about this on “the great YouTube Monopoly” on how search engines really don’t help the issue at all. - It too has a video as well.

So I have some questions about this:

  • What is Brave expecting from a website that hosts their own video content?
  • Does it help to have a video-sitemap.xml file like I have on my blog to assist with indexing?
  • Does the crawler have a special affinity on the video file format such as MP4, WEBM, AV1?

I ask this not just because of my blog. No, I’m fully aware Wordpress is not the best CMS for video hosting. But there is others out there such as Peertube which that is all they do and even they get pushed aside for YouTube content.

I’m not asking Brave to change the way they index video and favor others. I’m just curious as to how as someone who hosts their own content can make it easy for Brave search to index better. A question that seems a bit of a dark art with the other search engines out there.

I thank you for your time in reading this. And take care.

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