Brave window moves to front without user input, hiding active app (based on mouse curser)

If mouse (unmoving) happens to be over brave browser as I Alt Tab to a new app, brave will autonomously move to the front (hiding the active app I just Alt Tabbed too hiden behind brave). Again, no user input clicking on brave. if active app isn’t in full screen, and cursor is positioned on screen where brave is visible in the background, brave autonomously comes to the front and makes itself the active app, hiding the previously active app. Also if cursor is over non-brave active app, but mouse passes over portion of screen where brave is visible in the background (say if you are headed down to the task bar) brave will autonomously takeover as active app and move itself to front !

This same issue is discribed by multiple users in this closed post from Oct 2020 with no answers given

Thanks for helping !

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