Brave window moves to front without user input when moused over interactable element

Description of the issue: When having multiple Brave windows open, mousing over an interactable element, like a link, on an unfocused Brave window while another Brave window is focused will cause the unfocused window to jump to the front over other windows, Brave or otherwise.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open two brave windows and place one on top of the other in a way that allows you to mouse over something like a link in the back window.
  2. Make the front Brave window the focused window.
  3. Mouse over the link in the back window.
  4. Observe lower window jumps to front over previously focused window.

Expected result: Nothing should occur without direct interaction by the user. Back unfocused window should not jump to forefront.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.10.97

Additional Information: May be a delay before issue can occur after focusing front window. Already tried reinstalling, restarting computer, and disabling extensions.

Hi @Phen,
I can’t seem to recreate on my side. Would you be able to provide a screen recording of the window coming into focus?

Sure I have a video. Is there a way to upload to this forum or how should I go about that?

If you cant upload to Community. You can try google drive or uploading an unlisted youtube video.

Right, here you go then. At the end of the video, the mouse movement at the bottom is switching windows from the taskbar. You can see it takes two tries to bring the smaller window back up because it is still focused but covered by the window that moved forward.

Are you able to reproduce this with other browsers? or programs?

I could not reproduce it in other programs. I tried internet explorer, thunderbird, sharex, windows explorer, and steam.

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