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This will be a bit difficult to explain. First off (as any Windoze dev should know, methinks) windows has hit-areas for the mouse / touch. Some windows have at least two different hit-areas; the NC hit area and the client hit area.

The NC (non-client) hit area is for example the title bar of an windows application. When a window is displayed behind another window the application is not “activated” or “shown”. In order to activate a Brave-window using the mouse i need to click somewhere in the window.

Now to my problem; when i drag the mouse cursor over a non-activated brave window the titlebar changes from “solid” to containing the search-control. When my brave-window is a bit narrower (x-length) than usual, the areas i can click “safely” are almost non-existent. By safely i mean to click somewhere that does not activate any child-windows and/or controls but only brave itself. Using Brave on a laptop with a trackpad is almost impossible. Each time i want to activate another brave window i accidentally click on a button, the search control or inside a page (potentially navigating from that page if a link gets hit. Also, note, that using a trackpad the precision of the mouse pointer is bad (when /i/ use it, that is) and after a days work i have back pains because i tried too many times to put the mouse exactly on the edge of brave-windows.

Now; i do not think that i have been able to make myself understood :slight_smile: but a solution to my frustration is to not fade over to the search-control in the title-area as long as the brave main-window is not activated. Then i would always be able to click almost anywhere on the title-bar to activate Brave.




Hello Brave!

I’m trying Brave and love it so far. DanyM’s I just noticed DanyM’s usability concern myself. I think we’re talking about the same things?

Basically the URL address bar is a little too wide. The hit areas where you can click and drag your Brave window around is kinda small. Just a little bit to the left and right of the address bar.

Furthermore, when your mouse is NOT hovering over the address bar, it looks like you should be able to click and drag. But once you hover, the typeable address bar appears. Fooled you! You can’t click and drag. =) Maybe having a thin outline around the address bar, even when not hovering would help cue the user as to where to click and drag.

Compare Brave’s browser bar with Safari’s


Thanks for the work Brave team!


Ah, at last! A backer :slight_smile: From the Mac world as it seems.

Yes, TimG1, we are on about the same thing.

TimG1, being a much better communicator than i am, supplied some images. So here’s Chrome on Windows (i’m only allowed one image). Note the area above the tabs. That’s what we are “missing”.

Regards and thank you all!



Hi folks, the team is discussing the possibility of UI improvement, including the place of the tabs area.

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