Brave Wallet with Ledger nano X

im trying to connect my ledger nano X to the Brave wallet.

all the Guides are Old. the buttons changed.

Please help me to connect step by Step.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. In Brave, click the main menu, go to Settings --> Cryptowallets ( NO SUCH THING)
  2. Select Connect/Create in New Local Wallet , Ledger , or Trezor , depending on the type of wallet you’d like to add. ( No Connect button)

all i can do is to chose Gemini or the other wallet.

please help.

thank you

You may be looking at the wrong article — try this one please:

Thank you for the reply,

I wil
Check now what I missed.

What ever I try I’m
Not reaching to “import” or “create”

Visit this link brave://wallet/crypto/accounts in a new tab. If you already have wallet created you should see the Import hardware wallet button. If you don’t have a wallet created then create the wallet and then you should be able to see the import button. Once you click on import you should have an option to select Ledger and then follow on screen instructions to connect the h/w wallet and import accounts

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