Unable to transact with AVAX with the Brave Wallet

Any time I try to send AVAX to another wallet or use a DEX, the transaction is stuck on pending for like 24 hours and then just cancels. I’m not sure if this happening with just AVAX or if this is on Avalanche’s side but it’s very frustrating as it’s literally costing me hundreds of dollars.

Please address this.

Could you please send a screenshot of your Avalanche network settings in brave://settings/wallet/networks by clicking on Edit?

It would also be using to know if you have any transactions stuck in a submitted state in your transaction list in brave://wallet

Here you go. Everything should be set up properly because it was working once upon a time. Also as you can see the transactions are still in the submitted phase and have been like for 21hrs and 9hrs.

Still waiting, 4 days later. This is the most garbage product I’ve ever used in my life. I am literally telling anyone who asks for wallet or browser recommendations to never touch Brave. Is there a number I can call or something? Shouldn’t there be customer service for this kind of thing since they are very much a centralized company?

Can you help me please?

Sorry for the delayed response.

What I think happened is that a transaction has been dropped (this can happen when a miner is too busy for example and it purges transactions with too low gas fees). Since each transaction keeps a nonce value and it increases by 1 each time, and transactions need to be included in the right order, you need to clear out your transaction information.

Unfortunately that’s not available until Brave 1.36.x which is coming out around March 1st.

One option you could do in the meantime is use Brave Beta and import your seed phrase there. Then it would be like you cleared your local transaction information.

Once you’re using a Brave with the ability to reset transaction information you can do that in brave://settings/wallet

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