Brave wallet and Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Hi, I recently transferred ETC from Coinbase into my Brave Wallet and I haven’t received it. Looking into the wallet assets I can’t even find ETC - so my question is does this wallet even supports ETC? Sorry if my question is too dumb, I’m kind of new on the ecosystem.

Also, comparing Brave Wallet to other wallets (like Trust) I noticed that Brave Wallet has a single address (right?) while Trust has a specific address for each crypto/token. Am I missing something here?

Some other questions I have are:

  • Will I get my ETC back? It wasn’t a lot so if the answer is no, it’s fine I guess
  • Which is a good resource to better learn about Brave wallet?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Any help here? I’ve tried adding the ETC asset manually into Brave Wallet. Now I can see it on the assets list but my balance says I have 0 ETC.

Looking at the wallet address here: I can see that it actually has the ETC I sent, but I don’t see the way to access them from my wallet.

Please helpppp

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