Sending ETC to a ETH addy

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Description of the issue: I used a ETH addy in a Brave wallet and send ETC to it. is there anyway to get to it or back ? It’s not alot but it’s just sitting out there

Is the issue occurring on a specific network?

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Hello - Ethereum and Ethereum Classic are separate protocols and cannot be sent directly across networks. You can learn a bit more on that here:

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

gm, thanks for the reply
Here’s what I did… I had 3 old tower’s and wanted to mine on them, 1st time doing any of this, Now I know better/More but anyways
I opened up a wallet on each of the tower’s to try and make it easier for using the addy’s, I then went to Mineable and picked 3 coins that I was thinking would be easy to work with(bigger names) ETC, Sol and Cainlink so,
I put a ETH addy on ETC and CainLInk and a Sol addy on Sol at the time I didn’t understand about all this, so when I got to .25 for a pay out on ETC I took it and it went to the ETH addy, I realized what happen after I talked to unmine about it, so they send the payment and it’s shows it was sented, but I can’t see it in that wallet…
I’m going to have the same problem with the other’s unless I can have unmine change the addys on the other’s before I send …

So again is there away to fit/get that etc that’s sitting on a ETH addy ???
Thanks Kirk

Thank you for clarifying. Do you have the Ethereum Classic network added to your list of networks in Brave Wallet?

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Thanks I got it now, Still Learning something New every day…

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Glad we got it figured out! Have a good day.

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