ETC - balance is insufficient

I’m trying to send a small amount of ETC that I received in my Brave Wallet.
But submission is rejected. It says the “balance is insufficient”.
Is there a minimum amount for ETC to be sent? And what minimum value would that be?

Thank you for your help.

@3dUp4z Do you have ETC on the Ethereum network or on the Ethereum Classic Network? Latter will have to be added additionally in Brave Wallet. A screenshot of the error will be helpful.

If ETC is on Ethereum Network, you will need some ETH in addition to ETC to cover the gas fee. However, if it’s on ETC Network then a very small amount of ETC should be enough.

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Hello Aman_M
I am on the Ethereum Classic Network. Follow screenshot.

@3dUp4z Are you trying to transfer 100% amount? As then the additional gas fee will cause the fund the look insufficient. Can you try like 75% or enter the amount manually (leaving some for gas fee) and see if it works?

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Aman Mishra
Thanks for the help. I left a value for the Gas fee and managed to send the ETC balance.
I am starting my cryptocurrency experience now. I’ll save this tip, which I’ll definitely need other times.
Thanks again and I wish you a good day.

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Awesome. I started myself some time ago as well.

And I hope Brave Wallet appropriately incorporate gas fee in future when transferring 100% funds. Like calculate gas fee and deduct the same from 100% value (like Phantom). Tagging @Mattches to see if it can be done.

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Indeed, the automatic Gas discount could be implemented, just like it works in other wallets. We hope that Brave Wallet evolves and wins its place and more users.

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Well, hopefully @brian can get it done. Maybe have @hub help encourage it too. Lol

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you need to add some more eth to cover gas fees if this is an erc 20. otherwise whichever chain you are on will require the base token as a gas fee.

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