Brave VPN On Chromebook - HP versus ACER

I have two Chromebooks. One is an HP 11a-na-0019nr (32 bit) running Android 9. The other is an ACER CB315-3HT-C5D3 (64 bit) running Android 11. I installed the Brave Browser from the Google Play Store on both. Works fine. I purchased the Brave VPN. It works fine on the HP. However, on the ACER there is no toggle on the Brave Browser to turn on the VPN and nothing in the Brave settings (like on the HP). How do I install the VPN on the ACER? Is it not available? Is this because it has a newer version of Android?


Given what @Galaxy1 says about VPN not working on Chromebooks:

. . . interesting that VPN works for your HP Chromebook running Android 9.

Thanks. I am not trying to use the Brave VPN on a PC or as a Chrome Extension. I am using the Brave Android app (downloaded from Google Play) on both Chromebooks. The browser works fine on both, but the VPN toggle switch only appears on the HP running Andoid 9. The Chrome OS on both is the same (103.0.5060.114), but the HP is 32 bit and the ACER is 64 bit. The only difference I am finding is that the HP is Android 9 and ACER is Android 11.

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