Brave VPN needs automatically activating

I find that the VPN has been disconnected without my knowledge, meaning i am searching online without the VPN. What is needed is an ‘auto’ function that activates the VPN when the browser is opened. As the icon for the active VPN is essentially a tiny green dot that is easily missed, having an automatic activation would be very useful.

You might want to test Nightly, they are implementing Wireguard and removing the whole system OS VPN APIs which are terrible, especially on Windows where Brave VPN has a lot of trouble.

Now Brave installs an extra service for the VPN and all, but it will be better for everyone all the changes they are doing in Nightly.

If not, just be aware they are making changes and eventually they will reach Stable, where the VPN will be 100 times better.

what is Nightly? i have never heard of it.

Nightly is the build that adds new features first.
Brave is open source, so you can find all the commits and Pull requests in Brave-Core github, where you can see how they are updating the browser.

Nightly is updated on weekdays, almost everyday, so you can get to see changes first than anyone else, obviously sometimes some bugs may appear, which you can report on Github and get them fixed, so you help to polish the development.

Stable is behind like 2 months in updates compared with Nightly, while Nightly keeps adding more and more features and polishing UI and UX.

About the VPN, they are doing big changes by switching to WireGuard, the version you are using right now uses Operating System APIs for the VPN so it was a really bad experience, by switching to WireGuard on desktop, it will allow to do many things more.
Last time I accidentally installed Brave with admin rights and I saw it was installing the VPN service, so your request might be implemented or it is already implemented.

That’s what they want, to control VPN outside Brave and all that, reading the conversations they have had with Issues (in Brave-Browser) or commits and PRs (in Brave-Core)

If you want to try it:

I don’t know if you need to but there is a: brave://flags/#brave-vpn-wireguard I think you might need to activate.