Why Brave enabled VPN Wireguard service to run on startup without informing anything to the user?

My laptop was hot and it’s fan was running fast every once in few minutes and then I checked on Task Manager and surprised to see that Brave automatically added Brave VPN Wireguard service to run on startup then I also noticed that my laptop boot time also increased about 1.2 seconds. I thing Brave’s newest update caused these issues, Because it never happened before.

I deleted the whole VPN folder (I don’t care about breaking anything on Brave anymore) and you know what, Fan stopped running like hell right within 1 minute after deleting that VPN folder.

so What was that? Brave doesn’t even ask users if they are intrested in their VPN or not. And also They are not informing anything about the latest updates and changes made under the hood.

I noticed one more BUG (Look below).

I clicked on settings button on more section to check my Brave version and again guess what, Brave crashed without any errors and it is happening every time whenever I click on settings.


I dont get this site and y dont know how to see if somone replyed or something but this situation is kind of extrange, i dont know what’s the reason but I will delet the folder you mentioned and if i cant find an answer just remove brave and use mozzilla to change even the rendering engine

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I have already deleted the Brave, I hate it so much now. They ruined the experience of the Brave it used to be. Now they are building useless features like VPN, Rewards… I don’t have problem with that, But at least ask users if they are interested for the features to implement in their machine’s browser. They just update it silently and don’t inform anything to users about the silent and secret things that they added in newest updates.

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I completely agree with you.

GitHub issue was raised and it’s said the team is working on it. Next version is supposed to remove Brave VPN Wireguard service from our PCs.

EDIT: I removed it manually.

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I think Brave screwed up, and this won’t go there reputation any good.

I hope they will come with a good explanation.

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Now, I don’t care anymore, because Every month they come up with a new secret spyware or whatever they call it, and I even removed the Brave. I am moved to ungoogled.

And Also the thing is, Even if ungoogled chromium sells my data then It will go through only to chromium and if I use Brave and if they sell it too then Brave is chromium based browser so Brave will sell it and chromium will sell it too, so Why not sell it to one by using ungoogled chromium.

And One more thing, There are multiple browsers who claims best privacy like opera, edge, brave But not any single of them have clean history of privacy and every single one of them did some nasty things in the past. But yeah browsers fork of chromium like theorium, idiorium are also in option which I can’t comment about them.

i hate stuff like this, hope they fix it soon. also had to remove it manually.
i always thought brave cares about its users …
thats very bad for their reputation. at least ask if someone wants to install some bullsh**. i always used brave because it didn’t have any bullsh** included.

This has already been addressed several times:

A quick look at the Github issue shows that the fix was prioritized highly, being actively worked on, and will be pushed out soon.