Brave - VPN - Language Problem

I have set the default language to English in Brave settings. I use a VPN server from a country which has a different language than English. Even though I have set the browser language to English, I am still displayed the VPN locations language on websites such as YouTube and Google. I would like to keep using the foreign VPN server but have all websites display in English instead of using the IP address of the VPN server to determine my language location

It can be re-produced by accessing YouTube of Google with a VPN servers that’s does not use English as their native language

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Language mismatch

** Version 1.35.103 Chromium: 98.0.4758.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Any help appreciated.

@Indingo ,

Given what you wrote, it sounds like you have your settings as

Perhaps you might add the languages for the foreign countries? But leave the ranking as shown.

Meanwhile, the odds are that a web site that you access thru the VPN tunnel, that is functioning as you say, can appear in a foreign (not English) language.

BTW, I am not sure of what you mean by the beginning " It " of your sentence:

“It can be re-produced by accessing YouTube of Google with a VPN servers that’s does not use English as their native language”

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Never mind, your solution appears to work now. I had to restart my computer for some reason. Thanks.

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@Indingo ,

Good to know, you found a solution.

Brave Browser Settings Tip

I do not know the technical reasons why . . . but I have found:

In order to adjust Brave Browser > Settings . . . and have them stick – better / more reliably – for whichever is your favored, routine, ordinary window when running Brave Browser:

  • New Window
  • New Private Window
  • New Private Window with TOR

then have ONLY a new window of your favored, particular window Open, prior to adjusting Settings. And use in the URL address: “about:blank” (no quotes). Then give the command to get the Brave Browser > Settings window to open.

And sometimes, you may find, that you also had to fall back to, first having ONLY a New Window open, prior to adjusting Settings. This fallback step, because you noticed that the Settings that you adjusted, did not stick for, let us say, the New Private Window as your favored window . . . so you fall back to having ONLY the New Window open, and then adjust Settings.

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