BAT tokens taken out of uphold (according to uphold, this is a brave initiated transaction)

Hi team

I have been in contact with Uphold wallet provider and after MANY emails they have referred me to the support team for Brave. I’m tired of bouncing back and forth…

My situation is as follows;
I use Brave browser. I have all auto contribute turned off. I have been receiving BAT for July August, September and October and then for no reason at all, the whole amount was sent out of my uphold wallet last month with a reference to Brave. I checked all settings and all auto contributes are turned off.

I have NOT authorised this transaction. According to Uphold, this is Brave who has initiated this transaction.
How does Brave have access to my uphold wallet without my permission?

Was this a system glitch? I would like y BAT to be returned to my uphold wallet.

Thank you

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Thanks for reporting. I can help to troubleshoot. A few questions to start:

  • Do you have multiple devices linked to your Uphold?
  • If so, can you share a screenshot of your Contributions and Event Log tabs which can be found here brave://rewards-internals/

Thank you in advance!

Hi Steeven

Thanks for getting back to me.

I have my laptop and mobile linked. Potentially my previous older laptop also.

see attached log

Can you also share a log from your second device? Thanks in advance!

Hi Steeven

Please see attached.

So from what I can see the contribution came from this other laptop.
I will explain the situation.
It was an old laptop of mine which I wiped clean, installed a few apps and used for a day. Because it was slow, I stopped using it.
It appears that by default, the “auto contribute” must have been turned on.

I have various concerns:
1 - Why does Brave have access to my uphold wallet and why can it access and authorize a payment out of my Uphold wallet? They are seperate parties.
2 - I was under the impression that autocontribute came out of Brave directly, once it went into uphold (being a seperate third party), Brave would no longer have access to this.
3 - Does this mean that if I would have sent other BAT that I own from other wallets I have elsewhere into Uphold, brave would be able to take this away?
4 - Why have I auto contributed all the BAT which I earned over 3 months on 1 computer, get taken away by another in just 1 payment?
5 - Does this mean if I accumulate BAT over a period of a year, use a new computer and accidently leave autocobtribute on for just 1 month, all my BAT will be taken away?

I don’t see this fair under all the concerns I have listed above.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Kind regards

Hi @marktag,

Thanks for the info. Auto-contribute is ON by default for any new device. The reason is was sent from your wallet is because it was verified and linked directly to your Brave wallet. Once you turn Auto-contribute off, it will not send another contribution without you explicitly sending it.

Hope this is helpful, and thank you again for reaching out. If you want to send me the email linked to your Uphold, or your Uphold wallet ID, I can refund you the BAT that was mistakenly sent.

Hi Steeven

Thanks for your reply, but you haven’t quite answered my 4 questions above. Would you be able to shine light for me on these areas?

In terms of my uphold account, it is
Would definitely welcome the refund. Thanks again!

Kind regards

Hi @marktag,

They are separate parties. When you verified your Uphold wallet with your Brave wallet, you are linking the two accounts. Does this mean that if I would have sent other BAT that I own from other wallets I have elsewhere into Uphold, brave would be able to take this away? It does not.

How much BAT was wrongly sent? I’ll refund you right away.

Hi Steeven

It’s not much BAT, just 8.5


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Thank you. I’ve refunded your wallet.

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