Brave token didnt received in uphold account

sir why BAT token is not received in my uphold account, but in brave publisher account its already show , and said ur payment is in pending kindly look into the matter , my uphold account name is’’ ihan meitei’’

Hi @ihan - welcome to community! Please provide a bit more context. Have you KYC’d?

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yes i already did my kyc and its already verifd , i already claim my 20 BAT token from my brave browser and its went to my brave creator account and also i got only 18 BAT token. even after i wait for several days like 5 days after that, my BAT token didnt received to my uphold account till now why its so

Withdraws are not currently enabled for Android. It is somethings the team is working hard to enable and will be available soon.

@ihan first, because you received it on your publisher account this month, you’ll get it on your Uphold account in the next payout (December, 8th).

And self-tipping may lead to account suspension. BAT from free grants is mean to help user try Rewards system and use it to support creators/publishers.

ok thank you , one more Q sir , do i need to turn on auto contribution for brave browser for better performenc

If there are Creators who you would like to set up recurring contributions to, then I would recommend setting up auto contribution.

sir i didnt received payment BAT tokens for november month 2019

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