Brave Tabs could be improved :)

Hi, I would like to submit a suggestion.
For me I like to have many tabs open because they are easily accessible. So what I would like to suggest is that can we have the tab as least make it scrollable/click on arrow button to move to see tabs. As of right now, the tabs tags/title cannot be seen which is kind of troublesome.

Some reference - Firefox. If many tabs are open, we can use the arrow button to look for the tab we are looking for and the title of the tabs can still be seen even if there is lots of tabs open at the same time. Thank you! :slight_smile:

So what I have now is lots of tabs open but have to hover over to look at each of the title one by one which is kind of troublesome as I have many tabs open. Also, I like using Brave a lot which is why I see this is quite an important feature for me as a frequent user.