Brave Tabs between macOS and IOS and 1Password


Im very new to the brave browser - but from now on, I like to “invest” in my privacy while surfing the web :slight_smile:

Therefore I installed the brave browser on a macmini, an iPhone and an iPad - all works great so far and also the syncing in between is good. But there are a few questions about:

Before brave, I used Safari and its tab-sync-feature. There it was also possible to close tabs on another device. Can I do that on brave, too?
And how can I “re-open” tabs, I accidentially closed on the mobile devices? I found the shortcut for macOS (via Shift + Command + T)… but is there one for iOS?
and the last question: I am using 1Password on macOS and iOS. It worked pretty well so far with the Safari Extension, but unfortunenately it does not with the brave browser. By accident I deleted the extension and now I can’t reinstall it again. It is 1Password version 7 which I am using… any ideas?

Thank you very much for any help in advance! :slight_smile:


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