Brave Sync for iOS



Hi @straddle, the team is still working on it. Thanks for your patience. :slightly_smiling_face:


You’ve been “working on it” for years. Here we are in 2019 and I’m manually syncing bookmarks – it’s laughable.

Do you have an ETA or not?


At has been a while now :confused: not to be impatient but an ETA would be nice.


My thoughts, exactly. One would think they have a roadmap, right?



@ron_jeremy @sofa, Brave for iOS is migrated from UIWebView to WKWebView. So the team is working on other things too. Apologies it’s take too long.

I’ve no ETA. But in case you wondering, you can follow the progress here

The team is actively working on it. Appreciate your patience. :slightly_smiling_face:


If you don’t even have an estimated time to release then that’s all I need to know. I can only interpret that as “2020 maybe”, but will have to move on.


Damn, Brave seemed like the answer. I was just in the process of migrating all my user/client profiles from Chrome to Brave, and only now realised there is no sync for iOS.

I can’t fully commit until that’s up and running. Back to Chrome for now, but I will check in on Brave again over the next year. Keep up the good work.


+1 I can’t take this browser seriously at this point in time. There’s simply no excuse – none – for offering a multi platform browser in 2019 but not having sync capability.

root@localhost: what-were-they-thinking


@ron_jeremy why don’t you contribute instead of sitting there and complain? and that’s not even how you use a command.


What a no-mind argument.

If Brave was being built by one guy during his spare time while juggling 2 jobs then yeah I’d be ok with some missing features.

That is not the case.

The developers at Brave released a competing multi platform browser that is unable to sync bookmarks

in 2019.

Think about that.

The worst part is that Brave has been teasing sync for years but is quick to point out that they’re busy with other stuff but “hey, we’re sorry about that”:

Seriously, @eljuno what else are you working on that could be more pressing? Just search the forum for sync and you’ll see what, hundreds of posts/requests on the topic.

I would’ve loved to be a fly on the wall during the development meeting where someone at Brave stood up & said “let’s not bother with sync” and everyone else said “yeah, yeah, that sounds good”.



@ron_jeremy you do not have any technical knowledge so I’m not sure why you’re complaining. There is Sync on Android because it also uses Chromium, it’s easier to port. iOS does not use Chromium, it takes time.

Use your head before you complain.

And also @eljuno just works on the community forum why are you complaining to him about development?


I agree, this is the worst browser due to no sync - how much time do yo need? I was going to recommend Brave to all my clients but have now decided to remove every trace of it.

I will also be posting in The Verge to make sure people understand there is no sync for ios devices.


can’t believe you, @ron_jeremy made a new account just to say that lol


You are so wrong, believe it or not but some of us actually have our own opinions.


I have been using Brave for quite a while but finally got sick & tired of not having sync. I think the many missed release deadlines for sync is just the developer’s way of saying “it ain’t happening “, so I’ve moved on.


Sync has been released on Android and desktop; iOS is coming next. (This is for bookmarks, as of March 5, 2019.) @ron_jeremy


Believe it when I see it.


Hey @chriscat / @joel - thanks for the updates, but is there an actual timeline for iOS sync release? Either a fixed version number, or a date deadline?

I’m new to Brave as of yesterday, and I’m hoping that the iOS sync feature is coming sooner rather than later (as some people are implying here) as that’s the only feature holding me back from going all in and getting rid of Chrome! Tab sync, bookmark sync and password sync are essential for me and my work.

I’m sure it will come - looking at the last years worth of Brave development alone shows things are constantly moving and that there has been development effort (albeit overruled by refactoring core) - however,I think there are a good chunk of people that are disappointed it is not yet here, especially given the iOS market share (over 50% in NA / 24% worldwide) and promises it is on its way (looks like for around 2 years now based solely on this thread).

I look forward to syncing my devices :grin:


Hello, the official deadline was to ship it around end of February but we’ve got some delays unfortunately.

The plan now is to land Sync in Brave 1.9. There are two major features coming to 1.9:

  1. Sync
  2. Additional regional adblocking filters

Sync is a priority now for us, we are currently preparing a new build for QA to test.
QA already did like two rounds of testing it so I hope there’s not much more bugs left to be found.

I have personally tested iOS-iOS bookmark sync on my development builds and for me it is in a good shape.

First release of Sync will be labeled as beta(same as on desktop and Android)

To sum it up:
Most of development work is done, we are waiting for QA to test it, especially iOS-Android and iOS-desktop interactions.

IOS Sync Menu Not Found

Perfect timing too! I just switched to brave yesterday and was very sad to see that this article dates back to 2017. Looking forward to completely switching! I’ve already converted 4 people are work. Keep up the good work.