Sync in iOS not available, yet documentation talks about it?


I believe the pre-release of Sync is only available in Brave beta. The documentation on the help site as well as in the feature itself mentions synching with a mobile device. However I dont think there’s a beta version for iOS. So, can someone sort out the contradiction for me?


Hi @Pitosalas,

Brave Sync is available for testing on desktop (Brave Dev and Brave Beta) and preview APK for Android.

You can’t test it on iOS yet because it have no build that can be downloaded and be tested.


Thanks @eljuno. Will there ever be a beta for iOS?


IIRC, there’s a “plan” to have beta version for iOS. But on hold for now.


Is there any way we can vote to make iOS sync a higher priority? I want to move to Brave but will not do so until iOS sync is available.


@Fellwalker57 it’s in priority. :sweat_smile: Thanks for your patience.


Pleased to hear that. Patience is not easy! I want to get off Google.