Brave Support Email or Direct Support

Is there a brave support email or some kind of direct support that is not this website?

Not at this time.
Looking at the threads you’ve opened, it appears that you’ve verified your device/wallet and the BAT is not appearing in your Uphold account.

The issue you’re encountering is very likely one that many other users are facing and that the team is still working on resolving as the issue is complex – we appreciate your patience:

dude! thanks for the response. i appreciate it!


You’re very welcome and we do apologize for the inconvenience.

@Mattches looks like i hit the device limit from the logs on chrome://rewards-internals… i was still able to verify my wallet though and i never got a device limit exceeded error like some other users… i now have 2 devices with verified wallets one with 36 bat and another with 31 bat that will not go to uphold. what are my options?

Right now, simply wait for us to resolve this issue. I know that that is not a very satisfying response to hear, but I can assure you that we are working on getting this whole issue resolved as soon as possible – as I mentioned before, this particular issue is affecting many users and causing a great deal of confusion across the board. We do appreciate your patience.

@Mattches right on… just wanted to give some additional info i found… ill keep posted in the community.

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