Brave suddenly not working with Yosemite 10.10.5

Same here, OS 10.10.5. I just want a way to revert to the older version or get the older version back.

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I’m in the same boat as practically everyone on this tread. Older mac that I’ve been thinking upgrading but has been working just fine for me and I was enjoying the Brave browser. Reading the posts I’m now realizing the ramifications of this and that I may have apparently have lost all my bookmarks in addition to the loss of the service. That Brave would do this without fair notification is unconscionable and clearly very bad for their P.R. I surely hope that something can be done about this and I’ll continue to follow the thread. Is there anyway we can make a collective complaint about this?

I’m going to try to get back an older version and see if I can get that going again, then turn off auto updates.

Will see what happens.

That worked. I downloaded the .dmg 1.18.78 version, renamed the Brave browser in my Applications folder “BadPOSbrowser”, and dropped the v1.18.78 downloaded version in my Applications folder and then started it up - and it works just like it did yesterday before the idiotic update, with all my bookmarks there and working again. I don’t know about passwords but I can live with it either way.
Now I just have to find out where to turn off automatic updates and I will be back in business.
Any ideas how or even if I can turn off auto-updates?

Same as last post-er. Installed 2018 version (from first option for that in this reply thread), works great, all my bookmarks are there, but I cannot find anywhere under Preferences etc to shut off auto-update --which will of course then kick me off again with my OS 10.10.5 Mac.



you just explained it very well. there are tens of thousands other OSX Yosemite 10.10.5 users who just discovered this morning. to their surprise that we ware loyal Brave users. and without even a warning we were ban out of using it.
so? option 1, if you can upgrade your OSX? option 2. if your Mac is too old, buy new one who have OSX 10.11… option 3. use safari that don’t match with a lot of websites because it is not chromium based. option 4. use chrome… not one of the options is applying… so Brave people, do something about it! give us the users the option to choose…

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curlytaz posted it earlier in this thread and then followed up with it…you also might consider the Dissenter browser if you have to start from scratch - gmacar posted this link - I’ve actually been using it since yesterday and really like it. It’s Brave without the BAT and crypto currency bloat - leaner and faster out of the box ;o

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I just disabled the auto updates for Chrome in Terminal on my Mac - there are numerous links online describing this process for all operating systems. I’m hoping that that may apply to Brave or Dissenter which are built on the Chromium platform. Either way, I’m sure there is a method to do that. Of course they will tie “security updates” into other browser functionality, so disabling them are not the best long term fix. I’d guess that it’s just Google with a strangled hold on internet browser technology and development…like they have a stranglehold on information and web freedom that we’ve surrendered them - not that we had a choice.

For anyone encountering this issue,
I’d like to officially clarify and confirm that we will keep these changes. After updating to version 1.19.x, Brave will no longer be compatible with OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite or earlier. This matches the behavior in both Firefox and Chrome, which also no longer support 10.10.5 or earlier. These older versions of macOS are at risk, given that they have not received security updates from Apple for years.

We recommend that users currently on these versions update their OS and Brave version to ensure that they have the latest fixes/securities offered and are fully protected while browsing.

For users who would like to stick with the OS they currently have (10.10.5 or earlier) and still run Brave, you can downgrade to the previous version of the browser by following the steps below:

  1. On your OS, go to ~/Library/Applications and move Brave to the Trash. NOTE: Do not delete any other Brave data other than this or you risk losing any browsing data stored on your device.
  2. Visit our Github and download the previous version of the browser (you’ll want the appropriate .pkg or .dmg file when you land on the page).
  3. Find the file and re-install Brave – you should be installing Brave v1.18.78. Note that doing this will not overwrite any data.

Once installed, the browser should launch as it normally would. However, you will also need to disable auto-updates from initiating, or you will run into this problem again. The easiest way to do this would be to launch the browser from the macOS Terminal, adding the --disable-brave-update flag at the end of the command. This would make the full command for launching Brave on from the terminal:

open -a "Brave" --args --disable-brave-update

Again, please understand that in doing this, you are opening yourself up to potential security risks while browsing and we never recommend using a downgraded version of the browser.


Thanks, I was able to restore it. I do not know how to access the terminal, but at least I can use it today until I figure out what to do.

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OK finally managed to download the older version compatible with 10.10, at least my bookmarks are still there.

The decision to update without asking and warning is ignorant and and arrogant!! Not everyone is able to update the operation system.

Do i have to use the terminal command EVERYTIME to start up the Breave to prevent it from auto updating???

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To access your terminal, you can simply hit cmd + space to open Spotlight search and type in Terminal.

Unfortunately at this time yes, that is the most straight forward solution we have and apologize for the inconvenience.

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Thank you for addressing this.


K so as I said earlier I downloaded an earlier version of Brave from 2018. Installed it no problem. I can see all of my bookmarks but saved password info gone. I started entering my sign-in info for the sites I use the most. Brave settings are set to ask to save logins and auto sign-in. Should see my passwords - Saved passwords should appear here. Never saved - appear here… They are being saved but not appearing in my list? Where are they being saved!

I’m sorry – are you saying that you downloaded a version of Brave from three years ago?

Most of the people here are on older machines that upgrading the OS is not an option.
Also most of the people here know that Firefox and Chrome have stopped supporting 10.10.5 - that is one of the reasons we were using Brave.
… Were using Brave …
I guess like blessdog suggested I can try the Dissenter browser and see if it still works. I’m not very happy with Brave, but I don’t think they care.

Can any Brave developer please tell me how do i recover now ALL my Bookmarks, ALL my Saved User/Passwords of ALL my sites, my BAT Wallet, my browsing History… my sync code to sync my data to a newer version of brave etc. ??

Would have been a nice gesture to give us a warn to have a chance of exporting/backup our data…

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Thanks for the solution you gave to us with Terminal. I’ve seen that for now it’s the only solution, do you think it will be easier soon or not?
As AldDavidT or other people say, “most of the people here are on older machines that upgrading the OS is not an option”, we just want to continue to use Brave like before.
It will be great if we could finally choose to disable auto-updates on the Brave preferences.
It’s clear that if this is not like that, we are a lot of people who will migrate to another browser.

The irony being, to be able to disable auto-updates would require updating brave which would put you all in an unusable state… a conundrum for some party for sure… :thinking:

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Thank you for pointing out to the users affected by this blindsiding how they can recover from it. I’m not one of those users, but reading this thread has shaken my trust in Brave a bit all the same.

Please do not write off the flack Brave is getting here as a bunch of people with outdated computers whining that they can’t keep using Brave. That is NOT all that you’ve encountered here. The core problem is that, unlike Chrome and Firefox, Brave blindly installs updates beyond compatibility with the system it’s installed on. That is what should not have happened and should not be allowed to happen again.

The update mechanism needs to check for compatibility. It should install (or prompt to install) the latest version found that’s compatible with the system. If it finds no such version, yet does find later versions incompatible with the system, then it should apologetically notify the user that they won’t be receiving any further updates, warn them of the security risk of continuing to use their current version, and let them take it from there.

As it is, the software renders itself inoperable in the middle of the night, yanking itself (and their data) out from under users. Even a temporary feeling of dread at thinking they’ve lost all their data really undermines a user’s trust in whole Brave brand. And for many who won’t realize/discover that they can easily download an older version to restore their access, the feeling will remain. I hope the development team takes that to heart, because I want Brave to thrive.


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