Can I get an older version of Brave?

I guess that’s the simplest solution.

how can someone disable “auto updates”?

I need this feature as well. We started using Brave last week to get away from Firefox for daughter’s online school. We have an older mac running 10.10. Not planning to buy a new mac, not yet. This morning I discovered Brave had updated itself and of course would no longer work. Had to hastily find & download older version to get daughter going with school but I can’t keep doing that if Brave continues to update itself. This seems like a very logical/reasonable thing to have in the software. At least ASK before updating so we have a choice. Giving users no choice in the matter is more like something Gates (windows) would do. And actually, updating itself past the point of being able to function seems like something the software should detect before proceeding. Does it not?

If you read my replies to this thread, I show how to disable brave’s autoupdate…

  • Quit the browser
  • Open /Applications/Brave
  • Change the URL value of SUFeedURL to soemthing that doesn’t go anywhere like - Copy the old address somewhere to be able to change the value back.

  • Save changes
  • Open brave browser and possibly relogin to some sites…


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Thanks. Will dig into that. I also used another suggestion above and locked the app.

Please refer to my comment here for information on this:

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Firefox was working fine. I stopped using it and uninstalled to move to Brave. I don’t think Firefox was updating itself as I’ve had it for years and that hadn’t happened. Normally, seems like it would notify me of an available update, but did not force it on me. Perhaps it was about to and I just happened to uninstall right before?? Don’t know. Regardless, it’s a bit “nanny-state” to write software that doesn’t give users the option to make our own decisions regarding updates. Just my humble opinion, of course. Hoping the app lock or other above suggestions work so I can continue using Brave. Thanks for the notice.

Much more elegant, @megaspaz. Nice work.

FWIW, using Finder’s “Locked” option also worked; the installer can’t copy the updated file into the application’s Contents and reports as much, then gives up when dismissed.

Hi, @JTKing. Brave Nightly now notifies and gives the option to skip, at least. Not sure exactly when that will make it to Release, but probably not too long. Click images to enlarge.

I’ve used Nightly for years with no major calamity if you want to get that feature now. This link will take you to the Brave Github Releases page, which lists all the Release, Dev, and Nightly versions available for download.

If you do switch, you can easily move all of your bookmarks after you launch Nightly and quit it again. Just copy your profile folder (Default for “Profile 1” unless you’ve created additional personae, in which case it will be Profile #, # being 2 or higher) from
~/Library/Application Support/BraveBrowser/Brave-Browser/
~/Library/Application Support/BraveBrowser/Brave-Browser-Nightly/.

Thanks!! Will check into that if it remains an issue.

SUFeedURL change does not work on mine. It quits on Brave startup, never opens a window, just pops up this error box.


I’ve already updated my OS a couple times past what Apple will officially allow but this is as far as I can go for now. One of the reasons I was using Brave is that both Firefox and Chrome are no longer compatible. At least with Firefox I can decline the updates. I guess I’ll go back to that.
Another disappointment with software creators.


What did you change the value to? What does your plist file look like? What did you edit the plist file with? Either way, something like this change would be a data change and not affect usability… The locking brave in Finder like @hnktong suggested also would work… :wine_glass:

I have tried a few things:

the duck duck go start page


and a few others. Some real websites, some not. None work.

Brave only starts with the updates.bravesoftware update URL:

I do have Brave locked and set to read only. Does not seem to keep it safe as it updated again about an hour ago - which I trashed and reinstalled my last working copy which still works but is a bad work around.

You can force-disable updates to the browser by launching it from the terminal with the appropriate flag, as described in the comment I linked to above:

And here is an easy way that modifies the Preferences.

If you don’t already have a Preference Editor, download (free) Pref Setter from (current version is 2.0 - I used 1.2.2)

Launch Pref Setter and find com.brave.Browser is the list of Preferences (Pref Setter knows where the Preferences hide)

Set the booleans for SUAutomaticallyUpdate and SUEnableAutomaticChecks to false by clicking on true if the setting is true.

Save your changes (Pref Setter knows where they hide) and you’re done.

I use Safari, Firefox, Brave and TOR browsers. Whichever one to use is a snap because I have installed the Choosy addon which allows me to choose whichever Browser I want at any point in time. Highly recommended, I use it 100 times a day, and it wasn’t expensive. I’ve had it for years. see:

I’m using the Choosy.prefPane 1.1 which works in MacOS 10.9 and later which I purchased years ago.

Do not use Choosy 1.2 because it requires MacOS X 10.12 ie NOT Yosemite.

AFAIK Tor Browser = Firefox (extremely modified, but still)

Yeah but i wont compare Tor Browser to Firefox.