Brave suddenly logging me out from all sites and extensions

Description of the issue:
I open Brave on my Linux desktop and I discover that I have been logged out from all sites (Facebook, Amazon…), and extensions like LastPass. This is very annoying as I have to log in to every single site again (including the 2FA).

How can this issue be reproduced?
This is difficult to reproduce as it happens at unpredicted times, and there is no specific action from my side that might trigger this.

Expected result:
Login states are stored in Brave so I can use the sites without the need to log-in again.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.67.123 Chromium: 126.0.6478.126 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:
Operating system: Ubuntu Studio 24.04

BTW: I do not see any reason why I cannot use the “Linux” tag for the desktop support category - makes no sense to me.

@Catherder you can select Linux, assuming you’re speaking of the tag I changed.

As far as being logged out of websites, I’d wager it’s something in your settings, an extension, or some outside app/program that’s clearing cookies on exit.

As to LastPass extension, I would place a similar wager. But as a starting point, can you check LastPass settings? A link to their Help article is below:

I am encountering the same problem but on Windows 10. Since the last update a few days ago, all my log-ins have been logged out. Even though I mark my log-ins as “Trust this device”, everything gets wiped out again. I have tried looking into my browser settings and website settings but could not find the problem. An hour before posting this, Brave just wiped out the caches and cookies in my browser even though I did not do anything.

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The same situation occurs in Windows 11. I have been dealing with this for two days now, and it is quite bothersome. I cleared the cache, removed the extensions, and reinstalled, but it remains the same.

Just happened to me again: I was in a longer Zoom call, and opened and closed Brave a couple of times because I wanted to check something: Suddenly logged out of all sites.
And for clarification: I do not have this problem with Chrome (running the LastPass extension as well). Only Brave is causing this trouble.

At one time I had my Brave set to clear cache and cookies at close, but I turned it off because too many sites were cranky about it. Unfortunately even after I turned it off Brave has continued to clear cookies every time I close the browser, logging me out of almost everything. Very frustrating! Got an older Dell laptop running Win10. What ever happened to being able to selectively choose what cookies to delete or save? Why is it all or nothing now, and no choice?

This is definitely not caused by any extension or other program. I completely removed Brave from my system today. Cleared all data - including removing ./config/BraveSoftware from my home directory.
And the same thing just happened again: Logged out without any specific user interaction. Even without LastPass, Braves built-in password manager looses all passwords in these cases. I have now tagged this as “bug”, because I think this is clearly a Brave bug and needs investigating.

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