Brave still freezes a whole lot on Android 10

Hi, there are a lot of years old threads – now locked – about this issue, but no actual answers or suggested fixes or troubleshooting steps.
It is 2021 and it is still happening, often.
I guess nobody knows how to fix this and everybody’s just hoping things will work out for Brave in future releases of Android?
It would be great if the forum here could be fixed so that threads about current problems that have not been solved are not locked down before anyone posits an answer.
Re: the freezing – seems many experience it when videos play. My own experiences are more generalized. It can happen on any old page. The one time when it almost always happens is when I try to enter a comment or type into a form field.
Typically the freezes last from 15 secs up to about a minute.
Probably doesn’t matter, but I have three phones, and I keep Brave updated — two Xiaomis and an LG. The freezing happens on all my phones, but seems to happen most often on the LG.
(I don’t have any freezing issues at all with Brave on my Windows 10 PC).

Hello @brasscupcakes

does turn the shield off make differance ?

did you tried to clear cookies and history ?

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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