Frequent freezes

Description of the issue:
Brave freezes during use, for example scrolling on news sites or while filling in this form. Switching to another app and back resolves the issue until it returns again. It’s frequent enough to motivate writing this. At least once every 30 minutes of use. This started two updates ago.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Visit a page such as or
  2. Scroll the page or fill out a form
  3. Wait for freeze

Expected result:
Just work.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Mobile Device details
Motorola One running Android 10 with May 2020 security patches
Additional Information:
I see at least one review in Play store mentioning this issue too.

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Me too. It’s becoming almost unusable.

I first found YouTube video (but not sound) would freeze every 30-60s. If I constantly moved my mouse it would stop the freezes. This was a good 2-3months ago. It was irritating.

Then the freezes became much more frequent. I’m lucky to get 10s of video now. Constantly moving the mouse didn’t help anymore. If I clicked on a different tab the video would immediately continue. It made me think I must have messed up my OS install somehow. This was 4-6 weeks ago.

Now, not only do videos freeze but scrolling websites also causes freezes.

I use OpenSuse Leap 15.1
I also use a VPN.

I’ve tried everything except a different OS.

Enabling/disabling VPN, new GPU, using AMDGPU/AMDGPU-Pro drivers, new RAM, new CPU and new PSU (all these changes are coincidental). My Brave freezing problems remained.

Yesterday I decided to ‘grab the bull by the horns’ and start fresh… go through the painful reinstall of Linux. The problem was immediately there… before I installed my usual software and configurations freezes in Brave.

It must be Brave! ?

I really, really want to continue using Brave but it’s looking like after 18months I’m going to have to go back to Firefox.

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I’m a big fan of Firefox, just like you @RaEDGBE. Even Brave CEO co-founded Mozilla
(…and Javascript! And Brave. Impressive biography! :two_hearts:), and I’m sure that Brave devs :heart: Mozilla Inc too!

Internet for people, not profit — Mozilla Inc.

Mozilla is one of the rare companies that actually care for users (and not just monetizing our data like Google does w/ Chrome as Facebook does with all of their products). They also care for open source, web technology development that benefits us all, etc.

…but I must defend Brave here.

@dunxd mentioned
I loaded it in: Chrome, Firefox (mobile), and Brave. I didn’t notice anything different.
It’s slow & &glitch-y in all three, pretty much.

Every browser can sometimes be a bit “unresponsive”. Android is multi-app, multi-task OS, and RAM/SoC also affect performance.

:bulb:: Maybe we can discuss how to “optimize” Brave as users, ie via chrome://flags

I’m sure that the Brave team does the same, on their side.

Just see how BIG “The Guardian” is:

383 external requests, 15 seconds to load, full of Javascript code, etc.

It’s BIG.

Add multiple tabs to that, multiple apps open (they’re running in the background on Android even if you didn’t start them) = every browser would struggle.
That’s my point.

I reported this as a specific Android issue. I don’t get this behaviour in Brave on my Mac. If you have this issue on a different OS I encourage you to log a separate issue tagged for that OS.

Guardian is one example of a site where I note this, since it is often helpful to have specific examples in order to reproduce, but I experience this with any site I am using, and with only a single “tab” open. I just had it again now several times while writing this reply.

Having same freeze problem since 1-2 versions ago. Totally stops. Won’t scroll. Often get a message “Brave isn’t responding”. Brave version 1.9.80. Android 7 on Samsung S2 tablet. Will come back but takes 30-60 seconds each time. Seems worse on private tab.

Same problem here, I think it started happening exactly when I upgraded my phone from android 9 to 10, about 2 weeks ago.

I’m also experiencing this issue.
For me it also happens on any site I use, usually after 10-30 minutes of usage. might be a good example, as I spent a lot of time on it and often experience these freezes there.

I’m pretty sure the problem is with some recent Brave update, since I haven’t experienced this before. The issue started a few weeks ago, and my usage patterns haven’t changed.

I tried clearing cache, clearing data, and even reinstalling the app. The issue is still there.

Switching tabs doesn’t seem to “fix” it in my case. I can click the “tabs” button and then the “+” button while brave freezes, but it doesn’t actually do anything.

My device:
Xiaomi Mi A3
Android 10
May 5, 2020 security patches
Brave 1.10.94, Chromium 83.0.4103.106

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