Brave staff: if you allow bitFlyer wallet for the rest of the world, (not only Japan)?

Could this be a solution for the users who can log in to Uphold not Gemini?

Thanks in advance for your response!

Yes and no. But mainly no.

Hypothetically if they could work out a business deal with BitFlyer to accept more places, some or all of the regions MIGHT be able to use it in the future.

However, That’s not the only issue. The big part of the problem has been with Brave and government regulations. If it was with the exchanges, then the “unsupported regions” would not be able to have Gemini or Uphold accounts.

Unfortunately governments are all passing different laws and there’s even been discussion of banning crypto in some nations. Not to mention each government requires different personal information to be gathered as part of KYC/AML and other similar things. This is what Brave has been trying to prepare for and adjust.

Btw, on top of that, Brave is making some changes they aren’t openly talking about. I’ve been trying to get info but all we know is they said Rewards will be changing. It also was discussed as if more exchanges were going to be added. Unfortunately they are keeping us in suspense and all we can do is sit and wait.

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Thanks, hope Brave find a solution soon

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