Brave Software international took 1 BAT from uphold


Brave Software International took 1 BAT from my uphold wallet.
It looks like i would have sent it, but that in incorrect.
Date: 13. september 2023
Details: from uphold account to another uphold account

uphold supports says, it was triggered by brave browser

Wallet is connected and verfied, brave and uphold
region is supported
No tips or auto contributions are activated
no vpn was used
brave rewards works sometimes and sometimes not
latest brave browser version is used, with win11

Admin’s please check this behaviour, its not trust-building

Are you sure auto contribute was turned off on all devices connected to Uphold?
We’ve had cases where the person just checked on one device and thought that it syncs with every connected device, which is not the case.

If yes, then please raise a ticket at

You’ll get a ticket ID in the email you submit. Do share it here.

Also, be patient since the payments for this month are gonna be processing therefore the team gets busy and can take a week or 2 to give out an initial reply.

hi, thanks for the reply
indeed it was on one of all the connected browsers activated
thank you and have a nice day

Awesome. Good that you checked all devices to make sure. Have a great day indeed!

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