for Mastodon and the Fediverse

Hi all; not sure this belongs here, but given Vivaldi ( and Mozilla ( being into embracing Mastodon / the Fediverse / alternative Social Networks in light of the recent … odditities going on at Twitter: Would it be an option to have something like “” as a Brave-powered Mastodon or Friendica instance, maybe well-integrated in some way into the desktop/mobile browsers?

@z428 I’m not sure there will be integration like Vivaldi is, at least not any time soon. Brave has been talking about possibly rolling out new forms of extensions and integration in the browser via web3, rather than traditional extensions as such is available on Chrome. They haven’t really shared what that would look like yet though. Only that it’s something they’d like to look to consider and will be working on here eventually.

Much like in your Mozilla articles, Brave already has been aware of and embraced Mastadon. If you’re unaware, Brave has a Mastadon over at