Add social features to Brave browser

My vision:

The right-hand edge of the Brave browser has a thin strip. Mouse-over it and a panel slides in - like a tall column at right. This is Brave Social. Yeah, I know, BS. It has the following features:

  • You can share a status update (text/image/video/link). Analogous to the FB wall.
  • You have friends who can view your updates.
  • You can group your friends so that you can control which groups can see a given update.
  • You can create and maintain photo galleries.
  • You can privately message specific people.
  • You can @mention people.

That’s it. Barebones social built into the browser.

Ok, mayyyybe you can create a page too, to represent a business - and therefore you can post under different names/accounts. But then you’ll want community groups too, etc. I think start with just the person-to-person connections. Maybe you can add group chats too, and that’s about it.